I believe that being consistent is a skill. Man have I been trying to master that skill for a long time. It's like since I've had kids, it gets harder and harder to do things for yourself. 

  • Consistency 
                    a: agreement or harmony of parts or features to one another or a whole

                        b: harmony of conduct or practice with profession

According to the Marriam-Webster Dictionary, Consistency is harmony of parts or a whole; harmony of conduct or practice with profession. When we use the word consistency, it's mostly used in a context of being consistent or doing something continuously. When I read the definition, it made perfect sense to me. In order to have joy in your life, you need to have consistency. You need that agreement and harmony of features with one another to be whole. You need harmony of conduct. For example; I want to have a moment for myself everyday to just let my hair down and enjoy my own company. In order for me to do that, I need to practice with profession time management with my household so we can have harmony of parts to make things whole. HAHAHA this is my first blog post so I'm ranting off with my thoughts. Consistency is key to all things, even to spur of the moment things! Practice consistency my friends!